Environment Benefit of Bamboo

Environment Benefit of Bamboo

Global warming is known to every one of us now and it is happening mainly because we have been depleting the natural resources and generating Carbon dioxide to a level that can not be sustained.  It is difficult for us to give away our comfort, which generates enormous amount of gases, which are the cause for today’s global warming.

Bamboo is the best solution for contenting the global warming in many ways:
  1. Bamboo absorbs Carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the atmosphere 3 to 4 times higher than many other trees.
  2. One bamboo tree generates plenty of natural oxygen sufficient for more than one human being’s daily requirement
  3. Grows more than one foot a day and covers with good canopy faster than any other tree and cooling the surroundings.
  4. Carbon dioxide absorption of bamboo remains same, since Bamboo keeps growing every year while other trees reach maturity after a fixed period.
  5. Every part of the bamboo is used to make varieties of products.
  6. Bamboo can replace the wood for all applications such as paper, flooring, furniture, charcoal, etc.
  7. Recently developed cotton from bamboo  will replace regular cotton, with a productivity of over 10 times from the same land. 
  8. Bamboo has replaced 50% of plastic.
  9. Bamboo co-polymer plastic replaces 50% of plastic which is essential but not eco friendly.
  10. Bamboo effectively cleans the water pollution of  the  septic tank discharge  and factories effluent by its natural affinity for nitrogen, phosphorus and heavy metals.
  11. Bamboo enriches the soil naturally and prevents soil erosion. 
A place in India to become CARBON NEUTRAL, one should plant only 3 BEEMA BAMBOO and take care for his life time.  Our annual per capita carbon dioxide emission  is 1,300 Kgs.  When you  take as much CO2
 out of the atmosphere as you put in, you are “carbon-neutral” – you are leaving no CARBON footprint!   If everyone leaves no footprint, we don’t  have to worry about global warming.   We can reduce our carbon footprint by  planting right variety of bamboo  that grows 1.5 feet a day & removes over 400 Kgs of CO2
 every year  to “offset” your carbon emissions.

One fully grown Beema bamboo would sequester above 400 Kgs. of Carbon dioxide from our surrounding every year for the next 100 years - at least for next few generation.

If you don’t want to leave carbon foot print for the next generation, plant Beema bamboo which could be an excellent carbon sink for the years to come.

One family of four including a dog or a cat would essentially require 1100 to 1250 kg of oxygen every year for breathing which is made available by 3 bamboo plants organically.

Beema Bamboo from Growmore Biotech
You can clean up the carbon you leave behind by planting of Beema Bamboo trees which absorbs CO2 and reduces CO2
 emissions in places such as:
  1. In your house garden.
  2. In your farm house.
  3. In your balcony in a big drum (over 100 lit capacity).
  4. In your terrace in big drums.
  5. Next to septic tank water over flow in your compound.
  6. Next to kitchen waste water soak pit in your house.
  7. On the banks of water lakes and ponds.
  8. In the road side park.
  9. In the school campus.
  10. Surrounding the college building.
  11. Along  the factory compound wall and building.
  12. Next to the discharge point of treated water from effluent treatment.
  13. Surrounding the oxidation pond in your industrial area.
  14. On the border of back waters.
  15. Along the sewage streams.
  16. In the waste lands.
  17. In the premises of temple, church and mosque.
  18. On both sides of toll roads.

You can offset your carbon footprint incurred by your lifestyle either by planting Super Bamboo by yourself or by your company in one place as Bio-Carbon sink out of bamboo thereby sequester an equal amount of carbon.   By this your  carbon foot print will become zero.   The bio carbon sink out of bamboo becomes zero could be established by agri experts from Growmore Biotech, utilizing the precision farming technology under drip irrigation combined with latest Fertigation technique for a very efficient and effective method of carbon sequestration from the atmosphere by special Bamboo that grows at a phenomenal rate.


Kgs of Biomass
1st   year
2nd    year
3rd    year
4th year
5th year
1 bamboo tree =


Kgs of Co2

Kgs of O2
After 4th year onwards the production of Oxygen and absorption of CO2 remains fairly same in the subsequent years for over next 200 years.

Every human being needs 280 kgs. Of oxygen every year, whereas one bamboo is able to produce more than 280 kgs. Per tree / year.  Apart from bamboo absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen needed for living things continuously, it is also one of the good solution for making the factory “zero discharge” of effluent water.  Hence, bamboo is the ideal choice as one of the plant in garden to mitigate the global warming in the fastest,  simplest and cost effective way.

76 sq M of Ariel space and 1 sq. m of ground space is sufficient for one bamboo to grow.

Shall we plant an ever growing, oxygenator Beema Bamboo for us and for our future generation to breathe clean air, rich in oxygen confidently?

Shall we leave behind some thing very good for our future generation?
Shall we have the satisfaction of leaving behind for our future generation which will be impossible to get instantaneously when they are in need? 


  1. Need 1200 Saplings of Beema Bamboo. What's the cost & how many years does it takes to yield commericially?/

  2. Thank you for your enquiry for Beema Bamboo.

    We are the developer of beema bamboo and only propagate by tissue culture. We will send you all the details by email. We would like to know where you will be planting the bamboo. This will help us in replying more precisely. Please share your email address or write to us at barathigrowmore@yahoo.com.

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