Friday, 27 July 2012


Beema Bamboo from Growmore Biotech Ltd
There is a increase in demand for renewable energy through Biomass, but Biomass is not available sufficiently for power generation.
Presently agriculture waste are available from many fields as,

  • Cotton Stalk
  • Maize Stalk & Cone
  • Paddy Straw & Husk
  • Sunflower Stalk & Head
These are suitable for Biomass, but collection becomes laborious
& Time consuming.
8,000 to 10,000 tons Biomass required  every year to generate 1 MW of electricity. This can be met from agricultural waste collected from 6,000 to 10,000 acres annually .

Eucalyptus, Casurina and Wild prosophis Juliflora are better substitute than agricultural waste.
Annual quantity of Biomass required for 1MW can be made  available from 1,000 to 1,200 acres of fields.


Bamboo is a member of the grass family Graminea and fastest growing woody plant on the earth. Bamboo is a versatile, strong, renewable and environment friendly materiel. Bamboo describes as the "wood of poor" in India, "Friend of people" in China and "Brother" in Vietnam.In north eastern part of India young shoots of Bamboo is eaten as food and also known as "Poor man's food". Bamboo is a wonder plant that distributed over wide areas of Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America, which covers tropical & sub tropical zones of the world. 

    Beema/Bheema Bamboo

    BEEMA BAMBOO is a superior clone,selected from Bambusa Balcooa, a higher Biomass yielding Bamboo spices. Dr N.Barathi, of  GrowMore Biotech has researched more than 8 years and discovered High Biomass yielding "Beema Bamboo". This clone is thornless, sterile, fast growing and High yilding superior bamboo.It can grow in the field for more than hundred years without need for replanting.If it is managed as per the Silvicultural methods it will higher Biomass on sustainable basis.  Soil, water requirement and climatic conditions are similar as sugarcane crop. but the BEEMA BAMBOO has the following advantages over sugarcane:

    1. Its cultivation requires less cultural operation and hence the labor requirement is less.
    2. As biomass, it has higher energy value (4,000 kCal/kg) than bagasse
    3. It does not require replanting for several decades and keeps on growing as long as water and nutrients are provided
    4. It can grow in degraded soil, while sugarcane cannot
    5. It is relatively free from pest and diseases as compared to sugarcane
    6. It produces higher biomass of over 4 to 5 times as compared to sugarcane
    7. The biomass of one acre of BEEMA BAMBOO is equal to six acres of sugarcane bagasse
    8. It has higher bulk density and lower ash as compared to sugarcane bagasse

    Beema/Bheema Bamboo for Biomass Project

    Beema Bamboo is a new verity which has got huge potential to bring revolution in the field of Bio-Energy. Beema bamboo is improved clone selected from naturally occurring wild population of Bambusa Balcooa.
    Beema bamboo is considered as best among other known Biomass resources because of following reasons:
    1. High calorific value of 4000 k cal/Kg.
    2. Low Ash content between 0.4 to 1.0%.
    3. The Biomass yield is 100 to 125 tons per Ha / annum.
    4. Low cost of production for ton of Biomass
    5. Higher density than many other Biomass species.
    6. It is a thornless, fast growing, High yielding species can be harvested every year on sustainable basis.
    Wall Thickness of Beema Bamboo
    Tissue cultured Beema Bamboo is identical, homogeneous, free from pest and disease, vigorous and superior clone. Beema Bamboo is a highly suitable species for high density plantation. Beema Bamboo is Sterile, Fast Growing, Thorn less, Thick walled,Superior fuel quality and High Yielding. The wall thickness of Beema Bamboo is 3 to 4 times better than other Bamboo species available in wild. Total carbon accumulation every year is from 20 to 24 tons per acre in year which is equal to 73 to 88 ton of CO2. Carbon credit can also be obtained by generating electricity from renewable Biomass of Bamboo.

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