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Growmore Biotech Ltd.is a biotechnology based company located at Hosur, Tamil-Nadu, 40 KM from Bangalore city. Growmore is registered as a Public Limited Company under companies act, 1956. The company is promoted by a technocrat who has experience of over 25 years in the field of tissue culture.

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Growmore Biotech has been set up for the production of disease free plants of Banana, Bamboo, Sugarcane and other tropical fruits like pomegranate,etc. Presently banana plants are produced for farmers who are practicing Hi-tech horticulture in India and Virus free Hill banana for lower Palani Hills in Tamil-Nadu. many farmers have grown the tissue culture banana plants produced by the company and benefited high yield and return.

Lab in Growmore Biotech
The tisue culture laboratory is established in an area of 1 acre with a farm of 12 acres. The lab has 45 Laminar Air Flow Benches to produce 100,000 plants in 1 shift, 5 growing rooms with a total capacity to hold over 16 lacs cultures at any time and to produce 60 lacs plants annually.At Growmore, more than 65 plant species are propagated by tissue culture method for the export and domestic market. Over 180 personnel are working who have been trained in biotechnology. The lab has its own stand-by power for emergency. the technology of propagation is developed in-House for many plant species. Growmore Biotech is promoted by well-known Agri-Bio-technologist who has experience over 25years in plant tissue culture,have been established 7 tissue culture laboratories in India.

Growmore Biotech is one of the first TC Lab to get the accredition by Dept.of Biotechnology,Govt. of India for facility for Tissue Culture raised plants. Growmore has been one among the few laboratories in the country which has been accredited by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service(AQIS).
Growmore is one of the partner to National Mission on Bamboo Applications,Technology Information forecasting Assessment Council,Dept. of Science and technology,Govt of India,New Delhi and propogating and popularizing Bamboo as cultivate crop for generating more income and cleaner atmosphere.The director is a "Member" in Bamboo steering committee of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat states.

Recognizing our work Dept. of Biotechnology and National Bamboo Mission has awarded the contract to establish first large scale bamboo tissue culture laboratory in North east which is completed and functioning successfully for the past 6 months.

Contact Us

Growmore Biotech Ltd..,
41-B, SIPCOT, Phase II,
Hosur - 635109, Tamil Nadu - India.
Phone : 04344 - 260564, 260565.
E-Mail :info@growmorebiotech.com.


  1. Dear Growmore Biotech ltd.,
    I am interested is planting your beema bamboo in my yard in London Ontario.
    The winters can be harsh. Like other more tropical plants would the roots need the protection from the elements. What would the cost for the plant be and what would the shipping involve.
    Jeannie Thompson.

    1. Thank you for your interest with Growmore Biotech. London has a temperate climate which would not be suitable for the growth of Beema Bamboo plants, because Beema Bamboo is suitable for tropical and subtropical climatic condition. It can grow in southern part of Europe and not in UK.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. Read more about bamboo furniture - http://www.giskaa.com/bamboo-furniture-2

  3. I am interested in bamboo planting but at present I am facing the problem of marketing

  4. I am interested in bamboo planting but at present I am facing the problem of marketing

  5. I am interesting in bamboo plantation in Meerut , Uttar Pradesh . Can you send me details for suitable specie for climate . Malikmalikassociatesmeerut@gmail.com

  6. Hi myself jitenddra Patil from nandurbar Maharashtra my firm is The Garden Mall I want to make green evolution in my area and beema bamboos is good for that can you please help me please contact 7038765566

  7. I want to do bamboo plantation in 40 acers land at satarS Maharashtra.

    Please send me information about bamboo veriety and rates of plants.

  8. Hi I am interested to plant beema bamboo in ghaziabad (Delhi\NCR), Uttar Pradesh in the coming july 2020 rainly season. Will it suitable for this area.

    1. Dear Sir,


      Thank you for your interest in our Beema bamboo Plants.
      Please share your Email ID or contact details sir.

    2. contactrajivkumar@gmail.com & Whats App Number is 9810096431

  9. I want to plant Beema bamboo in Gonda (UP) (near Ayodha). CAn you suggest about suitability of whether, cost and shipment. Please share your email/phone where i can contact.

    Rajeev Misra