Cultivation of Beema/Bheema Bamboo

Bamboo Cultivation
There are wild Bamboo species available for plantation purpose.The major constraints in wild Bamboo cultivation are presence of thorns and flowering followed by death. The Bamboo flowers and die at specific intervals of 30 to 40 yrs depend on species. Bamboo stems(culms) entangling happens because of it thorny nature. The Beema Bamboo developed by Growmore Biotech is a sterile and thornless clone. It doesn't die and grows without entangling which makes harvesting easy and very much suitable for cultivation.
Beema Bamboo can be grown in a wide range of climatic conditions ranging from tropical to temperate. But economically performs best in tropical and sub-tropical. It requires well distributed rainfall, with shortfalls being made up through irrigation.Although Beema Bamboo is hardy, adaptable and perennial, they are intolerant to prolonged water stagnated condition in the field during 1st year of growth.

Land Preparation
The land should be ploughed as thoroughly and deeply as possible. provide better drainage system. Water requirement of Beema Bamboo is as similar as sugarcane to get maximum yield, but it does not like to be submerged in water or "Wet feet" condition.
Beema Bamboo yield best in deep, well-drained, fertile soils. They generally prefer neutral to slightly acid soils for better growth. Even though it can perform well in alkaline conditions with some special soil alteration. Red and red loamy soils are more preferable, however bamboo can be grown in a range of soil from black cotton soil to degraded soil.

Pit size of  2 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet are to be excavated or continuous trench at make along the row.The excavated top soil is filled at the bottom of the pit and top of the pit is filled with major nutrients and farm yard manure. The spacing recommended is 3m x 1.2m in such a way 2500 plants can be planted per Ha.

Season & Planting

The right time for Beema Bamboo planting is usually as soon as monsoon starts,under rainfed conditions..In the irrigated field Beema Bamboo can be cultivated throughout the year except during peak summer.Our tissue cultured Beema Bamboo plant-lets are pre-harden to get established and develop its roots to withstand field stress.

Planting Method
In the pit, mix the top soil with 2 baskets of Farm Yard Manure and 500gm of neemcake. Based on the soil test, in organic fertilizers such as DAP, Super phosphate and MOP etc.are added.Carefully cut open the poly-bag having the bamboo plants using sharp bladeto ensure the root-ball does not break. Place the plant vertically in the pit, ensure that entire poly-bag soil is placed along with plants and in such a way the collar of the plant is inline with soil suffix.

Provide life irrigation immediately after planting with 10 to 15 lit of water per plant. Irrigation after planting  depends on the soil condition and prevailing climatic condition. 

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